IK MULTIMEDIA ARC Studio - ARC4, DSP jednotka,mikrofon

hardware/software system for room acoustics correction, for any monitors, for digital and analogue applications, includes hardware processor, MEMS measuring microphone and software set including ARC 4

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Product description

Product description

hardware/software system for room acoustics correction, for any monitors, for digital and analogue applications, includes hardware processor, MEMS measuring microphone and software set including ARC 4

A hardware/software room acoustics solution that adapts your monitors to the acoustics of the room, making your listening more accurate. It allows you to accurately analyze the acoustics of the listening space, create a 3D model and apply it to your listening. It can function as a digital plug-in or hardware processor - it can be used in digital studios, analogue studios (console and tape recorder type) or even in Hi-Fi listening rooms.
ARC Studio will help solve sonic problems at a negligible cost compared to acoustic treatments.

  • solves the acoustics of your listening space
  • for digital and analogue studios
  • hardware/software system
  • as a plug-in and hardware processor
  • accurate measurement of room acoustics
  • listening correction
  • iconic studio monitor models
  • tailoring the listening experience to your requirements
  • easy setup and commissioning
  • includes DSP unit and MEMS measurement microphone

Traditional music studios and check-in desks still struggle with room acoustics issues. Plug-in based acoustic correction is not a satisfactory solution, and most clearance workstations and purely analogue studios do not have this option.

That's why the developers at IK Multimedia have designed the ARC Studio - a game-changing, compact hardware sound processor that can be seamlessly integrated into any audio setup. The goal was to integrate the quality and precision of ARC's spatial correction into a simple and transparent sounding sound processor.

ARC Studio will help solve sonic problems at a negligible cost compared to acoustic treatments.

What does ARC Studio make possible?

  • significantly improve mixing accuracy with any monitor system in any room
  • get up and running in minutes in any studio
  • emulation of top iconic monitors and playback systems
  • offers customization of monitor renditions as needed

What does ARC Studio consist of?

  • hardware DSP module with processor
  • measurement microphone
  • software package

the software package includes

  • ARC 4 - room acoustics measurement application
  • multiplatform plug-in that can be used with any DAW
  • a separate control application for saving the 3D model to ARC Studio

use in any audio setup
ARC Studio can be used in purely digital DAW-based studios as well as purely analogue studios with mixing console and tape deck. You can also apply it to Hi-Fi listening rooms, presentation rooms and any other and rooms designed for demanding and precise listening.

getting up and running quickly
ARC Studio combines the new ARC 4 measurement software, a microphone for room analysis and a separate correction processor. It takes only minutes to install the system in any audio setup:

  • You connect the measurement microphone to the interface and are guided through the measurement of acoustic spots in the listening space. ARC creates a 3D acoustic profile of your listening space. Based on this, it then identifies the problems and performs a complete correction of any problematic spots that degrade the presentation of your monitors
    • digital studio - the profile is loaded into a plug-in that you place in your DAW
    • analogue studio - the profile is loaded into the ARC Studio processor located in front of your monitors.

During listening, the processor applies a 3D model to all incoming signals. This corrects any studio monitors in any studio and greatly improves and refines analytical listening.

simple and clear
The processor's economical, elegant front panel features three LEDs:

  • Power - Processor on
  • Signal/Clip - green indicates signal, red indicates signal distortion (exceeding input volume)
  • Correction - active room correction

The rear panel has two pairs of balanced XLR connectors, a USB-C connector and a power adapter input.

  • Input - 2x XLR (fem) for symmetrical stereo input
  • Output - 2x XLR (male) for symmetrical stereo output
  • USB-C - connection to a computer, with measurement and operating software
  • DC-In - power adapter connection

sound and technical excellence
The ARC Studio has a dynamic range of 120 dB(A) from analog input to analog output, a frequency range of 0.5 Hz to 40 kHz, and ultra-stable clocking with extremely low jitter. Thus, it offers complete sonic transparency and a level of precision found only in high-end audio converters.
It connects to your studio and monitors via symmetrical XLR connectors with True bypass using relays - with bypass, the inputs are "hardwired" to the outputs and there is no loss, reduction in dynamics or distortion of the signal.

ARC Studio offers precise control of each profile to ensure it always sounds the best youwant. Available to you:

  • Target curves
    The system comes with 9 factory curves for most situations. The default curve offers optimally balanced results, with additional specific curves for different needs or settings.
  • Adjustable correction range
    By default, the ARC corrects the entire frequency spectrum. But you can define upper and lower limits, for example, to preserve the unique vocal expression of your monitors. You can also address only a specific part of the frequency range.
  • Variable resolution and smoothing
    You can adjust the resolution/precision of the correction filter to use more frequency bands for more detailed correction, or to work with fewer bands for wider and smoother correction.
  • two Phase Modes
    Natural and Linear modes provide accurate stereo imaging - phase coherence between channels
    • Natural - naturally improves phase response
    • Linear - preserves the original phase differences between channels

ARC 4 in a nutshell
The measurement software features a new, more accurate algorithm for measuring, evaluating and creating a room model.
The application simply guides the user through a room acoustics measurement that would otherwise require an experienced acoustical engineer. This allows you to analyze your listening space in minutes. There are two modes to choose from:

  • Advanced mode: 21 measurement points and 3 different measurement layers
  • Quick mode: 7 measurement points

ARC then creates a 3D acoustic model of your space. This will either be applied as a plug-in for your DAW or saved in ARC Studio so you can use the correction without connecting to a computer.

What improvements are included in the new ARC 4

  • an all-new, more natural correction algorithm
  • a new standalone ARC Studio management application
  • expanded virtual monitoring adds more than 20 iconic studio monitor profiles
  • new Quick Mode in the Analysis app
  • updated graphics and optional user interfaces - dark and light modes


  • analog inputs
    • type: line
    • connectors: 2x XLR (fem)
  • analog outputs
    • type: line
    • connectors: 2x XLR (male)
  • connection to computer: USB-C
  • power supply
    • external power supply

package includes

  • ARC Studio
  • measurement microphone
  • software package


Manufacturer: IK Multimedia
Category: Audio interface