Hollyland Lark MAX Magnetic Pendant


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Product description

Product description

Introducing the Magnetic Lanyard, a purpose-built accessory for the Hollyland Lark Max microphone that also accommodates other magnetic-equipped mics or small items. Crafted from soft, heavy-duty nylon rope and lightweight aluminum alloy, this lanyard offers a comfortable and environmentally friendly solution. With flexible wearing options, users can choose to wear the Lark Max microphone inside or outside their shirt, providing versatility in use. Its adjustable length caters to all head and neck sizes, allowing for easy and quick customization. Compact and lightweight at less than 1oz (26g), the lanyard is an ideal on-the-go companion, complemented by a metal plate measuring 3mm34mm55mm, enhancing its overall functionality and style. Elevate your microphone experience with this sleek and adjustable Magnetic Lanyard.

  • Magnetic Lanyard: Designed for Hollyland Lark Max microphone. It is also suitable for other mics or small items with magnet part.
  • Comfortable Material: This lanyard is made of soft, heavy-duty, and environmentally friendly nylon rope and light aluminum alloy material.
  • Flexible Wearing Options: With this lanyard, you can wear the Lark Max microphone as you like it, inside or outside of the shirt.
  • Adjustable Length: The lanyard is suitable for all head/neck sizes. You can adjust its length easily within seconds.
  • Compact & Lightweight: The lanyard is perfect for wearing and carrying around. Less than 1oz (26g). Metal plate size: 3mm*34mm*55mm.


Manufacturer: Hollyland
Category: Accesories Rigy