Hive Lighting Gold Mount Battery Plate with D-Tap Connector and Cable

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Product description

Product description

Provides standard 3pin “Anton Bauer” or “Gold” pattern battery plate for customers to attach battery power solutions to the Wasp 100-C and BEE 50-C as well as all CX lights with the correct inline voltage regulator.. Designed to attach to the yoke, the mounting plate also has a threaded hole pattern to allow for attachment of Mafer Clamp when mounting to stands or pipe rigging.

The structure and power pins ensure a stable and reliable connection. Includes D-Tap to 4pin XLR cable to connect battery to light.

Inside the Box:

  •     “Gold” Mount Battery Plate with Yoke Pin Mount
  •     D-Tap to 4Pin XLR Cable


  •     Gold Mount Batteries
  •     Bee 50-C
  •     Wasp 100-C
  •     Wasp 100-XC (with 100-CX Voltage Regulator)
  •     Hornet 200-C (with 200-C Voltage Regulator)
  •     Hornet 200-CX (with 200-CX Voltage Regulator)


  •     For Gold mount batteries
  •     Built-in D-tap DC output socket
  •     Rear metal plate for installation


Manufacturer: Hive Lighting
Category: Power battery plates