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Sennheiser MKE 600

The MKE 600 professional camera microphone is suitable for the reporting work of
296.76 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Saramonic SR-TM7

Saramonic SR-TM7 is a directional shotgun microphone features a super-cardioid polar
459.8 €
In stock 5 pcs

Synco Mic-D1

SYNCO Mic-D1 hyper-cardioid condenser shotgun microphone is designed for video production
145.2 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Synco Mic-D2

SYNCO Mic-D2 Microphone is a hyper cardioid shotgun mic, with Solid Brass Body, Extremely
232.32 €
In stock 4 pcs

Azden SGM-250P

Azden SGM-250PBroadcast quality phantom power only shotgun mic with XLR output. Includes
311.64 €
To be sent 2 pcs

Synco Mic-V10

The SYNCO Mic-V10 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone that is intended to capture
175.45 €
In stock 3 pcs

Azden SGM-250

Azden SGM-250 Broadcast quality dual-powered shotgun mic with XLR output. Includes
342.49 €
In stock 1 pcs

Azden SGM-3500

Azden SGM-3500 flagship broadcast shotgun microphone w/ improved frequency response,
513.22 €
In stock 2 pcs

Azden SGM-1X

  • -3 %
The SGM-1X Professional Shotgun Microphone is designed to provide quality audio for
238.82 €
In stock 2 pcs

Sony ECM-VG1

The Sony ECM-VG1 is a shotgun electret condenser microphone with directional characteristics.
209.21 €
To be sent 1 pcs

Sony ECM-MS2

Affordable compact stereo/mono microphone with XLR input (cables with two XLR connectors
289.72 €
In stock 1 pcs

Sony ECM-678

The ECM-678 electret condenser shotgun (super-cardioid) microphone has a wide range
960.76 €
To be sent 1 pcs

Saramonic CaMixer

The Saramonic CaMixer is a two channel, professional audio mixer designed to work
137.94 €
To be sent 1 pcs

Synco Mic-E10

  • -32 %
Promotion: -32%
⛪ Home Essentials: Home LIVE, VLOG and so on!【Upgraded Cardioid Condenser Mic】 As
43.6 €
To be sent 1 pcs

Sennheiser MKH 416-P48U3

The MKH 416 is a super-cardioid microphone of the "semi-dot" type. It has excellent
912.96 €
on request

Sony ECM-680S

  • -10 %
  • Free transport
The Sony ECM-680S is an electret-condenser directional microphone (stereo/mono).
1 269.29 €
on request

Sony ECM-674

ECM-674 electret condenser directional (super-cardioid) microphone with dual power
498.63 €
on request

Sony DC-78

The Sony DC-78 is a compact power supply for the ECM-44, ECM-77 and ECM-88 series
218.91 €
on request