01. 01. 2019

Technická podpora

If you have purchased a product or service from us and you have a problem using it or think it is not working as it should, please contact us and we will be happy to help you resolve your problem. We only provide technical support for products and services that are purchased from us and for which you have proof of purchase (invoice, receipt or other proof of purchase)!

Before contacting technical support, please have your customer number (i.e. the invoice number that confirms the purchase of the product or service) ready, and to help resolve the error or fix your problem faster, please find out the following information:

  • checking or verifying the error according to the manual, our website or the manufacturer's available resources
  • the completeness of the installation and the current version of the installed drivers
  • the version and type of the operating system and its updates
  • the type, manufacturer and version of the drivers for the graphics card and other components of the computer system on which you are using the products
  • settings and changes made before the error occurred, as well as the frequency of the error

With more complex products or solutions, it may take longer to detect an error or problem, so we ask that you answer the individual check questions quickly to reduce the time it takes to detect the error and resolve the problem.

For additional resources and supplemental product information, you may also visit the manufacturer's technical support website, FAQs, or discussion forums on specific manufacturer websites. Individual manufacturer support addresses can be found in the product manual.

If you have technical problems, questions about product functionality or are unsure about something, please contact us before using the product. Technical support from our side may in some cases be charged according to our service price list, so please inquire in advance.