New Delta / Vibesta Tube lights

PERAGOS Tube | Vibesta

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Once you play with the PERAGOS Tubes you'll keep them in your lighting kit forever! Enabling you to create extraordinary captivating light animations with individual pixel control or just using them for their soft tube like light quality and exceptional brightness they'll be the most fun professional lighting tool you'll ever use.

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Please note we have limited stock. These items are sold out on the manufacturer's website

If there are a significant number of enquiries for these products, we will look at stocking these products and adding to the brand portfolio.

Purchase is only available through pro forma invoice now, as the brand/items have not been added to B2B.

We also stock Rayzr lights from the same manufacturer - New Delta Europe B.V.

Our aim is to increase our brand portfolio to be able to offer you the best discounts as a group, and that you can order multiple brands through a single platform on the same invoice.




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VIBESTA Peragos Tube 60C Multi-Color RGBW LED Tube Light Premium Pack EU




Peragos Tube 60C - Premium Pack - Vibesta


VIBESTA Peragos Tube 60C PIXEL Multi-Color RGBW LED Tube Light 4 Light Kit EU




Peragos Tube 60C PIXEL - 4 Light Kit - Vibesta


VIBESTA Peragos Tube 120C PIXEL Multi-Color RGBW LED Tube Light 4 Light Kit EU




Peragos Tube 120C PIXEL - 4 Light Kit - Vibesta


RTX-1 Wireless Router Mobile Wireless Lighting Control with Art-Net




RTX-1 - Vibesta