Manfrotto is a leading manufacturer of camera accessories, particularly camera tripods and supports. The company was founded in 1972 in Italy by Lino Manfrotto, a professional photographer who saw a need for better camera support equipment.
Manfrotto's products are known for their high quality, durability, and versatility, and are widely used by professional and amateur photographers alike. The company offers a wide range of camera support equipment, including tripods, monopods, ball heads, fluid heads, sliders, and other accessories.
In addition to its camera support products, Manfrotto also produces a range of other photography and video-related accessories, such as lighting equipment, bags and cases, and camera straps.
Over the years, Manfrotto has earned a reputation as a leading innovator in the photography industry, with many of its products incorporating advanced features and technologies to make it easier for photographers and videographers to capture high-quality images and videos.
Today, Manfrotto is owned by the Vitec Group, a leading global provider of products and services for the media and entertainment industries.

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Quickly find accessories for your camera

Manfrotto Adapter Spigot

  • -33 %
Promotion: -33%
This high-quality and versatile adapter is an essential addition to any professional
10.59 €
In stock 5 pcs

Manfrotto Quick Release Plate with 1/4" Screw

  • -30 %
Promotion: -30%
Easy-to-use, intuitive and practical. You get everything you need in a professional
15.63 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto Avenger Eye Coupler Clamp LP w/16mm Spigot, 48-52mm Ø

The Avenger C462-1 LP Eye Coupler grid clamp comes supplied with a 16 mm(5/8'') male
40.08 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto PRO Light 2 Backloader backpack M

  • -25 %
Promotion: -25%
The Manfrotto PRO Light Backloader Camera Backpack M is a professional camera backpack
151.94 €
In stock 4 pcs

Manfrotto New sand bag 6 kg

Manfrotto small sand bag has a load capacity of 6Kg (13.22lb). Designed with two
48.18 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto PIXI stativ mini, černý

"Take it with you! The Manfrotto PIXI tripod is the ideal mini tripod for compact
27.94 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto 502 Fluid video Head with flat base

The Manfrotto 502 Fluid Video Head with flat base features variable fluid drag system
254.66 €
In stock 4 pcs


  • -14 %
Promotion: -14%
The small aluminium ball head is equipped with a universal internal thread at the
13.62 €
In stock 2 pcs

Manfrotto Magic Arm 143R - set s 035 clamp

Manfrotto arm with 035 clamp, length 53cm and load capacity 3Kg.
165.59 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto PIXI miI stativ mini, černý

  • -30 %
  • New
Promotion: -30%
The Manfrotto PIXI tripod is the ideal mini tripod for compact cameras and camcorders.
19.64 €
In stock 3 pcs

Manfrotto PIXI mini stativ černý, držák smartphonu

"PIXI Smart is the perfect choice for anyone who uses their smartphone daily to take
34.41 €
In stock 4 pcs

Manfrotto Photo variable friction arm with Anti-rotation Attachment and Nano Clamp

This is a solid and highly dependable photo variable friction arm that comes with
149.39 €
In stock 2 pcs

Manfrotto 015 Special adapter 1/4 - 3/8

  • -37 %
Promotion: -37%
reduces a 3/8'' threaded screw to a standard 1/4'' Adapter from 3/8'' to 1/4'' screw
6.38 €
In stock 2 pcs

Manfrotto Photo variable Friction Arm With Bracket

  • -17 %
Promotion: -17%
Achieve absolute control with the variable swivel arm with bracket. Manufactured
147.92 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto PVC free pan bar

Manfrotto MVAPANBARM je hliníková ručka, bez PVC, kompatibilní s Manfrotto MVH502AH,
40.08 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto Quick Change Rectangular Plate Adapter

  • -19 %
Promotion: -19%
Upgrade in an instant. The Quick Change Rectangular Plate Adapter is a practical
35.68 €
In stock 5 pcs

Manfrotto 143 Magic Arm Kit

Súprava Manfrotto 143 Magic Arm Kit je navrhnutá tak, aby udržala svietidlo alebo
222.27 €
In stock 3 pcs

Manfrotto XPRO 4 section video monopod w Fluid head

  • -14 %
Promotion: -14%
"The new XPRO Monopod Aluminium is a 4 section monopod with a fluid video head, it
300.26 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto 143BKT

  • -8 %
Promotion: -8%
Base for arm 143. Plate suitable for Manfrotto Magic Arm.
22.05 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto Pro Light camera element cover CRC-12

  • -11 %
Promotion: -11%
No need to worry about rain with the Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Element, suitable
93 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto Tripod with fluid video head, Aluminium

Tripod with fluid video head, Aluminium with Sliding Plate
865.99 €
In stock 4 pcs

Manfrotto TwistGrip universal smartphone clamp

  • -14 %
Promotion: -14%
"The bracket can connect any kind of smartphone to any kind of base via 1 thread,
51.72 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto Nitrotech 608 + 645 Fast Twin Alu Tripod

  • -10 %
  • Free transport
Promotion: -10%
The video system includes a Manfrotto NITROTECH 608 Fluid Video Head and 645 Fast
1 080 €
In stock 4 pcs

Manfrotto Universal Super Clamp with ratchet handl

This universal clamp can be securely mounted on any tube from 13 to 45 mm. The mounting
44.13 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto 16mm Female Adapter

Manfrotto 014MS (014-MS) 16mm Female Adapter. Manfrotto 014MS 16mm Female Adapter
15.79 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto Tripod with fluid video head Lightweight MVK500AM

"Quick setup, easy handling and beautiful shots? This fluid system takes care of
525.91 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto Super clamp

Intuitively designed and reliable even under pressure. The Super Clamp really is
40.08 €
In stock 5 pcs

Avenger Eye Coupler MP Clamp w/16mm/5/8in Spigot, 42-52mm Ø

The Avenger C4462-1 MP Eye Coupler grid clamp comes supplied with a 16 mm(5/8'')
40.08 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto 520BALLSH 75Mm Short Half Bowl

  • -12 %
Promotion: -12%
The Manfrotto 520BALLSH hemispherical base comes with a short locking handle for
73.55 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Manfrotto Magic Arm, smart centre lever and flexible extension

Functional and practical, the Magic Arm is an essential piece of equipment for photographers
141.3 €
In stock > 5 pcs