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Swit CK-150 Roll-up Portable Green Screen 1,52m

Portable Chroma Key Screen
301.29 €
To be sent 1 pcs

Swit BA-F3X Fresnel 12-40° 3x Lens for Bowens Lights

Bowens Mount Fresnel 12-40° 3x Lens with 10x color filters
151.25 €
3-5 days

Swit CK-210 Roll-up Portable Green Screen 2,09m

Portable Chroma Key Screen
361.79 €
3-5 days

Swit BA-BK4 barn door (4-leaf) for SWIT BL bowens lights

4-leaf barn door kit, to be installed on front of the standard bowens reflector in
71.39 €
3-5 days

Swit BA-PARA26 Parabolic 26-inch Dome Softbox for Bowens Lights

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Bowens Mount 26-inch Easy-open Parabolic Dome Softbox, With eggcrate and dual di
172.43 €
3-5 days

Swit BA-ST3 Snoot with honeycomb 3.1-inch

Bowens Mount 3.1-inch Snoot with 25° & 30° honey combs and 5x color filters
76.23 €
3-5 days

Swit BA-BD16 Beauty 16-inch Dish for Bowens Lights

Bowens Mount 16-inch Beauty Dish With 40° Honeycomb and diffuser
143.99 €
3-5 days

Swit BA-LAN26 Lantern 26-inch Softbox for Bowens Lights

Bowens Mount 26-inch Easy-open Lantern Softbox
102.85 €
3-5 days

Swit BA-OCT36 Octagonal 36-inch Softbox for Bowens Lights

Bowens Mount 36-inch Easy-open Octagonal Softbox, with dual diffusers
102.85 €
3-5 days