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Azden is a traditional Japanese manufacturer of high quality microphones and wireless systems.

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Azden EX-507XD

Upgrade lapel mic for PRO-XD with wider response range and improved sensitivity
41.09 €
In stock 2 pcs

Azden EX-507XR Professional Lavalier Microphone

  • -4 %
Professional quality, omni-directional lavalier microphone for the PRO-XR and other
43.55 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Azden EX-503i

Azden EX-503i is Omni-directional lapel mic with 3.5mm TRRS plug output compatible
52.16 €
To be sent > 5 pcs

Azden EX-503L

Azden EX-503L Omni-directional lapel mic with lock-down 3.5mm TS plug output
36 €
To be sent 4 pcs

Azden HS-12 Headset Microphone

  • -5 %
High quality uni-directional vocal headset which has a gooseneck-adjustable mic and
34.21 €
To be sent 4 pcs

Azden EX-50

  • End Of Life
High Performance Omni-Directional lavalier mic with lock-down mini jack - for 15BT,
35.1 €
In stock 1 pcs

Azden EX-505U

Uni-directional lavalier microphone with TS mini-plug output. Works great with the
36.89 €
In stock 1 pcs