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Azden is a traditional Japanese manufacturer of high quality microphones and wireless systems.

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Azden SMX-15

Azden SMX-15 All-new mono only video shotgun mic with 3.5mm TRS plug output cable
257.13 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Azden SMX-30V

With the SMX-30V, Azden takes their innovation of a switchable stereo/mono microphone
301.29 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Azden SMX-10

  • -4 %
Azden SMX-10 Directional stereo mic with 3.5mm TRS plug output cable. Includes shock
103.96 €
In stock 4 pcs

Azden SGM-250P

Azden SGM-250PBroadcast quality phantom power only shotgun mic with XLR output. Includes
311.64 €
To be sent 2 pcs

Azden SGM-250MX

Azden SGM-250MX Broadcast quality compact cine mic with mini-XLR attached output
257.13 €
In stock 3 pcs

Azden SGM-250

Azden SGM-250 Broadcast quality dual-powered shotgun mic with XLR output. Includes
342.49 €
In stock 1 pcs

Azden SGM-3500

Azden SGM-3500 flagship broadcast shotgun microphone w/ improved frequency response,
513.22 €
In stock 2 pcs

Azden SGM-990+i

Azden SGM-990+i2-position (Supercardioid/Omni) shotgun mic with 3.5mm TRS plug output
123.42 €
In stock 2 pcs

Azden SGM-1X

  • -4 %
The SGM-1X Professional Shotgun Microphone is designed to provide quality audio for
237.32 €
In stock 2 pcs

Azden SMX-5

Designed to work with today’s high performance DSLR cameras, the SMX-5 offers high
39.81 €
In stock 1 pcs


172.95 €
In stock 1 pcs