Steady Module v1 (for All SliderPLUS / PRO)

Steady Module for SliderPLUS

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Product description

Product description

Steady Module for SliderPLUS

Unlock ultra-stable slides at low speeds

  • Hand-pushing perfected - If you prefer operating your SliderPLUS manually and would like to achieve motion control level smoothness while hand-pushing, Steady Module is your go-to solution.
  • Macro-precise hand-pushing - Steady Module easily eliminates shaky hands (human error) and enables silky smooth camera motion even at ultra low speeds.
  • Works great even with heavy camera loads - Unlike regular slide stabilizing solutions, aka flywheels (inertia modules), Steady Module works perfectly even with heavy camera loads.
  • No batteries or chargers needed! - Steady module will enable you to nail that perfect shot even when you are at a very remote location. No batteries, no chargers required; completely mechanical solution. Uses fluid dynamics to dampen the movement.
  • Tension adjustment - Simply adjust tension with the wheel to achieve desired dampening. Steady Module is designed to smooth out low to medium slide speeds. At high speeds, since there will already be enough momentum for a smooth slide, you don't need to use Steady Module.
  • Silky smooth incline shots - Steady Module beautifully handles inclines even when your SliderPLUS is vertical! Just don't take your hands off of the system while descending. This will put all the weight on Steady Module, which is not recommended for the safety of your gear.


Manufacturer: EdelKrone
Category: Accessories